Magnum XL 15 R?C Nitro Engine
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Magnum XL 15 R?C Nitro Engine
« เมื่อ: ธันวาคม 18, 2017, 02:30:59 PM »
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  • I'm new hear, and new to R/C engines. I just purchased a Magnum XL 15 R?C Nitro Aircraft Engine on ebay. I'm looking for a manual for this engine. Also it needs to be cleaned. Do I have to fully disassemble the engine to clean? I also need all kinds of equipment. What kind of fuel do I need? Yes no and maybe. I would take the prop and sinner off, pull the glow plug and muffler. Get a coffee can put the engine in and pour denatured alcohol until it is covered. Let soak over night.
    Pull out and use a stiff tooth brush, rinse, lube well with non silicone oil, ATF works, 10-40 motor oil. Spin the crank to get the oil every where. Take a look at the screws holding the muffler in place. They are stripped and of two different kind. Then look at the amount of crud on the engine. All that simply meant the owner never took care of the engine. Which means if the engine looks that bad outside what do you think it is going to look on the inside. The owner probably never heard about After Run oil or know anything about engines. So the inside is most likely all rusted.


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